My mate Emite!

Well I’ve returned from my hols, in the Italian sunshine, to well, rain, rain and more rain. But alas every cloud, I walked into this months @GlossyboxUK. Eager to open it and see what inside had to offer, containing five fabulous treats for me. Of course I was drawn to the make up item like a magpie to silver.

The Emite Make Up Lip and Cheek Tint, is what caught my eye. I’m all up for any make up item that is a time saver in the make up routine. I do have two children and two school runs to do, so if I can make myself look half presentable in say, five minutes in a morning with a make up product its a winner in my eyes. A couple of dabs on the cheek and lips and blend, using your finger or beauty blender and a voila, a healthy complexion in minutes. It’s staying power is fantastic too and it never shifted my foundation underneath it on my cheeks, bonus! It’s perfect size for the handbag to for make up on the go! This natural look is perfect for summer vibes , not covering my freckles to, where the sun has kissed my skin.

Verdict, it’s a must have in my make up bag and RRP £12.50, so very affordable compared to other tints on the market.